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Thread: want help on c++

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    want help on c++

    hello everybody,
    i am learning c++ nowadays by self study and want to make windows applications or GUI application on bloodshed DEV c++ or watcom c++. And want to know about good study resources, tutorial ands books.
    Can anyone suggest some good study material on that.

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    Liionheart, Iím learning c++ also but am starting by learning the command line stuff. The book Iím reading at the minute is C++: A Beginner's Guide by Herb Schildt. It pretty much covers the basics and is quite good in that it has tests at the end of each chapter, to make sure you have picked everything up. I'd recommend it if you're just starting out programming.

    Here's the link:


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    39 is a good website with plenty of tutorials and references. If you need further info I would suggest one of many different books from. Stroustope(sp) to anything that speaks about data structures. If you want to learn c++ well you are going to need to know about data structures. It will cover searching, stacks, q's and a long list of other things that you should know.

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    Yeah i also want to learn about C++ programming language. But now a day am learning about html and css. Graphic designing. Soon i'll learn about C++ as well.

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