Usb Issue?
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Thread: Usb Issue?

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    Usb Issue?

    Just recently my computer would not recognize my thumb drives or my iPod. Now I am wondering if this issue did something to my thumb drives, because they light up when I insert them into a computer, but no computer recognizes them and the same issue still goes for my iPod. I cannot get my computer to see it.

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    Usb drives

    Did you already look under disk management in the computer management console? (does it show up in here?) sometimes you have to initialize the disk again. i cant say for the ipod.

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    sounds like pNp isn't working. Is the plug n play service running? Are you getting any error messages? We need more info here.

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    If you cannot figure it out, event viewer can be pretty useful. Look through some of the recent logs and you might find something like "service failed to start." If you have a lot of logs try clearing them, putting in the thumbdrive or ipod then checking them again.

    Good Luck!

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    Have you tried different computers with different OSes? (98SE/ME/2000/XP) In particular, try a Linux distro.

    If no machine can see them then I suspect that something has stiffed them. Otherwise it could be a USB controller problem?
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    Are you sure that the connection is solid? I remember I had my usb loosely hanging out and it was really freaking me out when it wouldn't load it up, but would power it on.

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