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    This post doesn't really fit anywhere else so....

    I have written a tool for the Exim MTA and any other MTA or mail delivery tool like procmail that can run external programs and act on return codes.

    I have quite a few Exim systems running my software quite effeciently. But I need some non-Exim systems to run it.

    Right now I only have Exim based docs.

    My program is an antispam tool that focuses on a particular type of spam, dhcp,residential. My program is called DynaStop.

    The url is

    Any non-Exim system willing to setup, run and write documentation for their software will receive complete credit and promotion for their work. DynaStop can be used with any other antispam tool without conflict.

    Any assistance in this is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    For statistical analysis, 91.17% of the spam I have analyzed has been blocked before it every gets to programs like SpamAssassin or DSpam.

    I have a DynaStop forim here:
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