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    That Darn Mysterious Outlook

    I just have an obscure little question I was curious about, if anyone out there actually knows --

    Every so often, I get a call from a client who suddenly can't communicate with thier POP server through Outlook (today's call, Outlook 2003). I check settings, all is perfect. Everyone else can pop just fine. Internet access is go. "Can't communicate with server".


    Bam, all is well with the world.

    So, my question is -- Has anyone ever discovered what exactly is up with Outlook that causes it to just fart out like that every so often with POP accounts and require a reboot?

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    not real sure but I also use outlook and that use to happen to me alot from the start but I had to go to tools, email accounts, more settings, outgoing server and choose log on and manually enter my user/pass on the user requires authentication part? hope that helps, not sure for them but it fixed mine.

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