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Thread: Year 2016

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    Year 2016

    I went to this really interesting conference (A Professional Information Security Conference) today. And I want to see what you guys think about this....

    1) Minority Report (The Movie) will become reality...
    2) We citizens will have no privacy at all.....
    3) Government will take care of us, and we have no choice....

    Well, here is some of the ideas...

    1) We have now got too many technologies which can profile us. It can also predict us. For example, What you say in your phone calls, where you go online, your surfing topics will be recorded and analysis. Your shopping habits, what you read, what you search, what you eat, where you go and so on, are all recorded. Then a database will do a assessment on you, to see if you are a High, Med, Low risk to the society.

    2) All your DNA, Fingerprint, Retina, Iris, medical, your driving habits (GPS on all cars, to monitor your driving behaviour) What you eat, What you buy and so on. All link together..... So if you bought 2 bottles of Whiskey, and next day you want to get Health care cover, they will refuse.. Coz they know you brought 2 bottles last night.

    3) There are so many information gathering at the moment, when you are born, the DNA of your kid will be recorded to see if they will be healthy. When you get pull over for a routine check, they will make you to input your fingerprint or other biometrics data into the database. In UK, we have more CCTV then all the European countries put together....

    If you go out, you will be recorded on around 300+ CCTV each day. Your loyality card might share the info of what you brought, and your Credit card will should where and what you brought, CCTV will record where you being, Your mobile will record where you were, The GPS which are installed on your car are not an option, so your speed, your braking, your sharp turn and so on are recorded and what you watch on TV are put into your profile.

    There might be a system in the future which detect people, and it will be just like the movie Minority Report!!!

    The problem is this, if you try to re-new your road tax online now, try this. It will ask you if you want to check if you got MOT, and Insurance. And by checking yes, the system will share info about you.

    There are currently over 20,000 bodies which can read our data, and most of these bodies, we will not even know where the data about us have past onto.

    Lets discuss....

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    Well, with my 24 fake EU passports and only paying cash, I am not really concerned

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    Isnt this against our constitutional rights or something like that?

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    1984 is already here

    You forgot about RFIDs in your clothes...
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    Cash is not always safe...

    Although there is always ways to stay under the radar, that is why there are drug dealers out there makin millions of dollars tax free.

    According to money hordeing act you are not allowed to have over $10,000 on your person or on your property without a reason for it or a way of payment behind it.

    Already there are helicopters that can fly over your house, scan your person and see the exact amount of currency you have on you by scanning the magnetic strips inside the bills working just like a vending machine.

    My solution: Outline everything you own in aluminum

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    We don't have a money hoarding act................... put money in a financial institution and they will want to lend it to someone, who will spend it and cause overheating of the economy.

    Put it under your mattress and you will do no harm at all

    I have total faith in politicians................political suicide is (unfortunately) not one of their traits.

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    The problem with this is what do they do with this technology? as it is now, most Gov't depts would rather spite themselves then coordinate their intelligence with other's. One of the reasons the CIA and FBI are always at odds, something to do with territorial rights... (same with just about any state run intelligence services for any country, MI5 vs MI6 or KGB vs GRU CSIS and RCMP).

    The private sector is still held accountable for confidential information that is in their possession (Medical Records/Financial Information) through the courts and (I know, wink wink) requires the Gov't agencies to justify their needs to have access....

    Until they centralize all security or information data under one umbrella, the odds are still in our favour for getting in under the radar.Once they get over petty political infighting and cooperate,(and of course around existing privacy laws) then we are doomed....
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    Talking We are safe for a while

    Quote Originally Posted by dalek
    ... Once they get over petty political infighting and cooperate,(and of course around existing privacy laws) then we are doomed....

    Oil will be created from existing trees before that happens.

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    Here's an article that's very pertinent to the whole tracking issue...

    Hundreds of thousands of people will refuse to sign up to the UK Government's planned identity register, according to just-published research. Around eight per cent of those surveyed said they would refuse to sign up to the database even if they are fined.

    The survey was carried out by polling firm YouGov on behalf of the Daily Telegraph newspaper and in a sample of 1,979 people found that a significant proportion were prepared to defy the government over the database.

    Of the 39 per cent of people who opposed the identity register, 21 per cent said they would resist signing up, even if it meant paying a small fine. That figure is eight per cent of the total.
    More at http://www.theregister.com/2006/12/0...card_register/

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    And if people bend over and take it, it's entirely their fault.

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