Hey Hey,

I've decided to publish a few scripts I wrote... They're nothing special, but somebody might find them useful. I've posted them on my site and I've included a readme along with them.


headerfuzz.py: This script takes a host and a max string size
as it’s two arguments. It then iterates through
various Methods and Headers… The data for each
header will grow until max string size is reached.

mimefuzz.py: This script takes two headers (Accept and
Content-Type) and iterates through them.
Various mime types are appended to these
fields. The only input for this script is
a host.

randheader.py: This script takes host, max string size, headers
per send, and max times to run as it’s arguments.
Randon headers are paired together (to the
supplied max) and each is populated with a
string of characters (to max string size).

randmime.py: This script takes a host, a number of iterations,
and a max mimetype count. It loops through each
iteration, appending random mimetypes.

webfuzz.py: My original intent was that this could be used
to fingerprint devices which speak http. Certain
“allowed” values are populated for various
headers. This is iterated through.
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