WinSonar 2006 XP (Zancart Industries) is a multifunctional security tool. This relates to the free edition, but probably relates to any paid for version as well.

You may notice some instability and the fact that the "Web Alert!" facility gives an overflow message (error 6). The option to clear the messages does not work, as, when you accept the error message, the application closes.

This is likely to happen if you have used earlier versions, as the logfiles are not cleared when you upgrade the application.

There is a simple workaround:

1. Go into Windows Explorer and locate the Winsonar folder in your Program Files folder.

2. Manually empty the messages from the Web_Alert.log and Web_Alert.txt files.

You may also have experienced problems with starting applications that are not standard Microsoft, and were installed prior to WinSonar. If so, you have two choices:

1. Add them to the allowed process "whitelist"
2. Click on the icon in the toolbar and select "exit"...............this will give you a confirmation pop-up. Ignore it and carry on with what you wanted to do. This effectively suspends WinSonar, so you just have to go back to the pop-up when you have finished, and click the "No" button, which will reactivate it.

N.B. You would only have to do this if you have checked the "block unknown processes" option.