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    crazy mod....not really

    this isnt crazy...

    i would like to do that or something along the lines of that
    i have access to the tools and other materials i need, thats not a problem
    plus an adult will do it but anything i can do in addition to that? also might put a fan on the top
    but the front thing seems cool

    btw...again thats my exact case *not in pixer* but model and color


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    In the average household environment that thing will fill up with crud in no time.

    Apart from the occasional box I have built for "young people" I have never gone in for see-through panels and flashing LEDs

    There are two simple and cost effective modifications that I do recommend, though.

    1. Install an "exhaust fan". This fits into an empty PCI slot or, better still, into an empty mounting below the motherboard. It fits horizontally and will pull 40~50 cubic feet a minute out of the box.

    2. Get a cooling fan equipped HDD mounting. This sucks in air at the front and passes it over the HDD.

    Also, if you haven't already got one, I would recommend investing in a surge protected power strip.

    There are two things that really kill HDDs in my experience:

    1. Hot, stale air building up around them. My two suggestions help to prevent this.

    2. Vibration....................so make sure that your sub-woofer is well away from the box



    Just to show what they look like.
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