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    Hiding .exe inside a .jpg file is possible

    check this out, remember to always scan your picture files or you could regret it.

    Quote Originally Posted by SuBzErO
    The way Windows executes EXE files is stored inside the registry.
    The way it executes JPG files is stored there too.
    This means that you need to make windows think a JPG file is an EXE file. But we cant do that without hurting the OS's configuration or risk that any future changes made by programs will set JPG back to its default registry value.
    What we need to do is create a file that will look like its a JPG (not be the icon, but by the type) and will act like an EXE. but a jpg icon can still be applied also.
    "file.jpg "
    notice the space after the ".jpg". This is no ordianry space, but a special char that for writing it, you need to do as follows:
    Get the EXE you want to convert to "jpg".
    rename it from "file.exe" to "file.jpg". Now press the rename again, and in the end of the .jpg, press the ALT key (dont let go of it) and on the keypad, type
    this will look like this: "file.jpg ". you can now rename it to something like "my pic.jpg "
    Go to:
    Start -> Run -> RegEdit 
    Right click on the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT key and New -> Key
    Call it ".jpg " (the space represants the ALT+0160)
    Inside it, you will find the (Default) string.
    Double click on it and write "exefile".
    Then right click anywhere but on the Default string and New -> String Value Call it "Content Type". and edit it so it will say "application/x-msdownload".
    Right click on the ".jpg " key and New -> Key Call it "PersistentHandler".
    Inside it, edit the Default string to
    Now every EXE file that will have the ".jpg " type, will be executed like a regular EXE! But only on your computer.
    Right click on the ".jpg " key and Export.
    Call it something like "fix.reg" and tell the victim you're sending the "picture" to that its a fix so that windows will be able to open your pic or use your imagination or hide it inside another trusted program.
    I recommand using an EXE joiner to join a real pic to an EXE file so the user wont suspect anything.
    taken from SubZeRo at sub7world
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