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    We can always get that info, who's been on and who hasn't in x amount of days, but again, we have no wish to badger our members. If we have something new to report, we might email em, like we did after the upgrade.

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    I also suspect that we have a number of members who don't actually login unless they have something to post. They would just appear to be a guest looking at threads?

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    I've got a hotmail account that I really only use when I don't want to give someone my "real" email address, and for msn (which I basically don't use in any case). Every so often hotmail closes the account and deletes all the emails in my inbox, which is quite handy in a way since it saves me deleting all those FWD emails and crap that go to it . Ironically that's the account that I'm registered with on AO. hehe

    I guess this isn't really relevant, but seems amusing to me.


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