If any one has followed some of my posts. I have a sideproject of a H5455 pda running familiar linux. It has kismet and nmap and a few other fun tools. Sadly its 2.4 kernal not my idea of fun but way to hard to upgrade it. I recently got a SL 2511cd card for it, the card works great uses hostap_cs drivers. However under kismet its acting strangely.
Kismet runs and it finds access points and channel hops correctly however it will only pick up my AP on channel 11 and another AP near my house on channel 11. If taken else wher it will find one AP then only other APs on that same channel. I cant seem to figure it out. I cant post driver vertion yet as main desktop is dead and trying to use console with out prebuilt scripts is a pain.... well that and im tired and lazy. I will post it later. Im using 2005-4-r1 arm ipkg package from the kismet site. Any ideas would be appreicated.