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    packet capture without monitor mode?

    Since my wireless card is so damn irritating, I have to use ndiswrapper. And this means I can't use monitor mode on my laptop :'( programs such as airodump are therefore useless and subsequently I can't use aircrack (I'm trying to find out how easy/hard it'd be to get into my families network).
    Is there some other way I can get what aircrack (or similar) needs while monitor mode is unavailable?
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    No, I had this problem with an integrated card on a toshiba.

    You'll have to use a card that supports it. I picked up a Netgear WG511T card . It was very easy to install. Just download/compile/install the madwifi package and you're good to go.

    After doing that, airreplay, aircrack, etc. worked fine.

    It is pretty cheap considering the hours of fun it provides. I picked mine up for around $45 at a local computer show.

    BTW: Not sure if it matters, I'm running SuSE 10.1

    Note: If you do decide to get this card... make sure it is the WG511T. It uses the atheros chipset. The WG511 v1 uses the Prism54 chipset and is more of a pain to use/install because of the firmware. As far as I know, The WG511 v2 uses a Marvell chipset which you have to install with ndiswrapper.
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    Ah well, I guess another card or something might wind up on my wish list then.
    Thanks anyway
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    While a little bit more expensive the WAG511 is an awsome card i know for a fact you can crack wep with it.. i did it on my test network. its an ABG card that works on cisco leap. Great card if you connect to alot of differnt networks
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    I can recommend the Linksys WPC55AG. It's a dualband card that uses the Atheros chipset, most wifi tools are able to use it. The only minus is that you cannot attach an external antenna.
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