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Thread: AVG Anti-Spyware - Any good?

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    Ewido to AVG anti-Spyware - Free .... hmmm .... I'll bet it's free for 30 days. lol I can't believe that AVG hadn't thought of this potential flaw.

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    Oh yes, I know you can get it to report risky files etc and end up with a lot of stuff brought to your attention. The trouble is that "suspicious items" or "risky files" is a bit ambiguous - if I choose not to enable that option, I'm not sure what it's going to ignore.

    You're right - the full functionality is free for 30 days. I'm just in the middle of the trial period now. However you can carry on using it after that, you just lose the real time protection and updates (iirc) after this. I'm not sure I'll actually pay for it once the trial finishes, as there are plenty of good products around that are free, which do provide updates and real time protection.

    Dammit, now that extra poll option is there, I want to revote!
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    Actually Moira, it is just like the old EWIDO in that you get full functionality for the trial and then you can use it as a free on demand scanner.

    Yes, you can update it I have only just updated my previous EWIDO version and it even offered me a free upgrade to the AVG Antispyware version!!!!

    Mind you, I was not exactly surprised, as AVG have always had a policy of providing a freeware version of their products.
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    I have AVGAS, A-Squared, SpybotSD and Ad-AwareSE and I regularly update each (daily when I manage to have the time to go online) and do a quadruple-redundant scanning every other day. I'd say AVGAS (yes, it is the former "widow") is fine and at par with A-Squared but I always feel compelled to have Ad-AwareSE to take a third look after the two, reboot and go to safe mode then have SpybotSD make a final check.

    I have no complaints but I do feel a little more confident having those four around since I've observed that some signatures are invariably found by another where a former hasn't.

    Still... there's the anti-virus and the firewall at work, yet I don't really feel THAT secure (unless I stay offline for a time and with no other disk or cd inserted into the drives). Perhaps rightly so, IMHO.
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    I'm pleased you can update AVG after the trial. I hadn't really read the pop up properly, but actually it would be pretty useless even as free software if they took away that.
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