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    what encryption is used?

    Iam trying to figure it out what kind of encryption is use on this code:

    <td bgcolor="ffffff"><b>Phone:</b><br>^8\g/+Etnu</td>
    <td bgcolor="ffffff"><b>Email Address:</b><br>:<'mtHU\{]C9P#F|kG7Sz </td>

    In the case that I have the valid phone and email address..... is it posible to find the KEY wich encrypt/decrypt that code?

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    Sorry, I cannot really help you other than:

    1. The code looks like HTML
    2. The telephone number is 10 characters all apparently different.........
    That looks suspiciously like 0 - 9 to me

    3. The e-mail address is 30 characters two of which seem to be numbers?

    That would leave the "." (period) and the "@" symbols? And give you all 26 letters of the alphabet?

    The rectangular symbols are probably characters that cannot be resolved, so you cannot assume that they are the same?

    Just a few thoughts..................... Happy New Year.

    EDIT: A further wild guess: 30 + 10 = 40 which may imply 40 bit encryption. That would make the answer to your last question a "yes", assuming that my other assumptions are correct?
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