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    Safe Mode Virus Scan

    I have a virus on my computer and i was told to run hte virus scan in safe mode to get ride of it. I use Norton Internet Security 2007 and it works fine in normal windows, but in safe mode when i try to open it, it gives me one of those "Don't Send" "Send" errors and wont open. Whats going on?

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    What virus have you got? Have you checked sites like Symantec and Sophos for removal instructions?
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    The exact error message would be very helpful in solving your problem but it appears that the app is crashing when you attempt to run it. That's all I can tell you without the actual details (click the button and copy&paste it in this thread).

    Also, what happens when you run it normally? It doesn't remove the infection? Does it identify the infection?

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    Probably need to be in safe mode with "networking", in order for Norton to touch base with their server.

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