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Thread: IDS 4215 and Fatal Error Can not communicate with system processes

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    IDS 4215 and Fatal Error Can not communicate with system processes

    Reffering to http://www.antionline.com/showthread...129#post916129
    Error: Cannot communicate with system processes. Please contact your system administrator.
    The error above is fatal error, this is what i have been advised. And the link for that is here:
    Please see the last option in the table (above link)

    1- Now if I reboot the device, will it affect the whole network ? or it will affect itself only ?

    2- After rebooting can I use the default username and password ?


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    Umm, not for nothing but it seems that you're in over your head in managing this IDS system. Rebooting an IDS device won't impact active connections because all it does is report on network activity (passively) so no, you won't hurt anyone *unless* you have it running in inline IPS mode with fail closed configured. Depending upon where this device resides on the network, the impact could be isolated or site wide.

    Rebooting the box does not reset the configs.

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