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Thread: hack-test

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    I think it may be for another level, but I did find a .psd file. I layered it down and found a username and password, but they didn't quite work.
    D. J.

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    Guys, I've figured a bit of it out on level 20. In the source code it says: " Change domain, add "22332" at the end, reach it and then get hold of ..." Most of us will see it yeah but what does it mean? Well, lucky for me I knew that the text beaneath the logo was Base 64, so I translated it, it meant nothing. I kept translating. I almost gave up on the last one but translated it anyway. And low and behold, I got something! it said: "Go to www.streetkorner.net/gb now" And I did, but its just some silly scam website. Then I realised... "Change domain, add 22332 at the end". When typing it in, you are congratulated with... another website! I thought it was an error website, but it wasn't.

    I didn't know what to do next, so I poked around in the source code, but there wasn't anything remotely interesting in there. So, I decided I would check the OTHER source code, (from level 20) again, I poked around in there and found out that at the bottom it said: "look above and right -->"
    "... the admin panel of it and then go from there or be lost forever -->"
    ^ You see those dots? That means its a continuation of something... But what? "Change domain, add "22332" at the end, reach it and then get hold of ..." More dots at the end so... now what? I got stuck here. I'm not sure what it means by Admin panel and "look above and right".

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    Level 20? Pretty amazing :O It was harder than I thought... but managed to get to level 4

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