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    Windows Restore Question

    Okay, so the owner of this computer attempted to install Vista (pirated) and in the process corrupted his xp install. After some tinkering I merely installed xp on a different partition. My question is can I restore using one restore points from the other partition to this partition?

    The way this computer is partitioned in the first place is kinda odd.

    C:/ = Personal data and all installed programs and desktop stuff
    d:/ = HP Recovery partition
    f:/ = The original core windows install.

    Any ideas? The last error I'm getting btw when I try to boot is Session Manager 0xc000003a.

    Tried running it down but out of ideas. Orginally it said missing or cuorrupt HAL.dll which was a boot.ini problem. So I used bootcfg /rebuild to get past that and thats when I got this new error.


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    Why not just run this: d:/ = HP Recovery partition sounds like a compaq, usually they ask you to make recovery discs as well (6 I believe).

    This is the closest to what I could find for a corrupt restore point, it's not exactly like your situation but it has similarities.
    Due to changes made to files on a system from another OS (in case
    of dual boot OS scenarios). For e.g. I make changes to some key application
    or system files or simply move a file SR was tracking for a restore point
    from the expected location to another while I'm booted into my Win2K OS and
    not XP. Since SR has no knowledge of this change, when you try to do the
    restore to that restore point, there is now an inconsistency related to the
    file and SR will fail the restore.
    The way I see it, all restore points are sort of sequential and work off of one another, more or less linked, so if one becomes corrupt, they are pretty well all shot.

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    ... My question is can I restore using one restore points from the other partition to this partition? ...

    Presuming I understood the question correctly,
    No. run the HP restore.

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