I'm hoping somebody out here has experience with this, and had my problem, but figured out a good fix/workaround?!

We just migrated from Groupwise to Exchange 2003. We are pushing out Office 2003 via GPO, and we customize the installation with CIW. CIW has the option to auto repair MAPI32.DLL (which needs to be done, since GW used it's own version) and it also has the option to add the Outlook Address Book to Outlook, so people can add their personal contacts to their address book, to name a few options...
Well, both these two options seem to have no affect at all for us. MAPI32.DLL does not get fixed, and Outlook Address Book does not get added. Been discussing and searching for help in MS News Group, and they say it's a known problem, but nobody knows why or how to fix it...!

So now I'm turning to you guys, maybe somebody here is able to help!?!

Big TIA!!

/ SawPer