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    computers brake our social life!

    computers brake our social life!
    what's your opinion on this...?

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    I dont think so...I still maintain a fairly health social life. I find time for friends and family and what not even with my computer addiction (I guess you could call it that)

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    Depends if you let it. I personally prefer to be out more, I'm on the computer in my spare time, usually after work or when i wake up for an hour or two...
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    Well I guess in a sense of face to face ...

    but through computers I can affordably communicate with people all over the world...

    Social life on a different scale I guess

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    i have to agree with copyright on this one..depends on yourself and you only have yourself to blame if you do not make!!!!!!!!!!! the time..thats my take anyway..i have started as early as 1996 and i still have a healthy social life..
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    I think that the people that stay in their house in front of their computer all of the time are probably some-what antisocial to begin with... I spend quite a bit of time on the computer, but I still make time for family, friends, church, bars... etc. so I guess I am in agreement with the above posters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alakhiyar
    computers brake our social life!
    what's your opinion on this...?
    No, it doesn't. I never had a social life to begin with before I used computers (more then 20 years ago)..
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    My view is that computers and the internet are blamed for a lot of things that are just not logical.

    If you are an introverted couch potato then that is what you are........... what you do whilst avoiding society is pretty much irrelevant?

    Bars close every now and then.......... so I have to resort to computers if there is nothing on TV

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    Interesting question. I have friends who would definitely say that of me, but I think the truth is closer to: I just don't enjoy hanging out with my friends doing what we did for the past 25 yrs anymore, like i used to. I find I want to stay home a lot more, and the pc allows interacting with others without having to actually BE there with them. And when I've had enough, I hit the power button.

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    Computers make great crutches at times: people use them to avoid interracting with others in person. People use them to hide.

    A somewhat simple view is that they have just changed the way in which we communicate with each other - and we dont know what the impact is in full yet. It will take decades - maybe a century - to see how we humans evolve and evolve our culture due to this change.

    I have always been using computers, most of my life, so I can't say I'm interracting with humans less than before...would say it's the same.

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