I knew that I wanted a watercooled Chieftec case ever since I first became involved in building and modding computers then I decided to undergo the challenge.

Over the past year or so, I’ve found it increasingly harder to order Chieftec cases, then one night last week, while searching on Froogle, I found a fairly cheap stockist, Specialtech. I quickly order it, and it arrived this morning-

The Main Hardware / Water-cooling Parts are all from my Wavemaster Project (with 2 Pumps and an Extra 120mm radiator, but I’ve put that in hold for now. The First few stages are much like Leeum’s Case, removing various parts and fan covers, but eventually, I hope it will look very nice- The main colour schemes are black, very dark grey and bark Blue, and there will be lots of acrylic (Custom Laser Cut with a CAD Machine).

Now…back to the Case...

Nice Box, and the instructions are on the side.

Rather wonky photo of front- Notice small flip up USB cover- to be replaced with small temperature read-out.

Side panel with fan mounts- these will go in due-course and will be replaced with an acrylic window

Suprisingly roomy case for really quite small dimensions.

Yay!!! – 120mm Fan mount- meant to be 2 x 80mm , but a 120 is better!


Right- Now time to go Downstairs and start with some modding !!!

Good music never hurts…..

First off, Taking out the HDD racks pop-rivets with a 4mm Drill bit-

Nicely done.

Quick blast with some sharp things-

Todays work bench (my Trunk)

After some Dremeling and filing

After yet more filing-

Now, all it needs is some blow-hole trim and a fan / fan guard.

I will try to convert this Mod into PDF format if I have time... and more picceys to come...!