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    recovering deleted Outlook emails

    Hi Tigershark,

    How do I recover deleted Outlook emails? Will they still exist on my hard drive? If so, how do I find them?


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    Tiger Shark has not visited this forum for many moons....and he is greatly missed

    You may want to start a new thread with your question.

    Is this Outlook or Outlook express...what version??

    Are you connected to an Exchange server??

    Start a new thread with this info and your OS (xp,2000,98) and you may get an answer

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    Moved from Security Tutorials: this is a data recovery question

    We will need more information to give a detailed answer.

    If you download your e-mails and deleted them in the normal manner using Outlook, they should still be on your hard drive unless they have been overwritten.

    So, please answer Morgana's questions and also tell us how you deleted them.

    1. Did you use Outlook, or some other deletion tool?
    2. Did they go to the recycle bin?
    3. Are you sure that they were deleted rather than archived?

    There are plenty of data recovery tools out there, even a few free ones...........just google for "data recovery"


    If you have to buy one, just make sure that they let you have a preview version that shows you what you can recover
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