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    Grub problems, cant boot to xp

    Hello everyone!

    I have this issue, that well, started 20 minutes ago..

    I had Ubuntu + XP on dual boot, i had XP before then decided to install ubuntu to check it out other than the Live CD (wich im using now) because it was very slow.

    I created back then the necessary partitions with Gparted Live CD, installed linux and it installed Grub to dual boot windows and everything was fine, till today, i decided to get rid of ubuntu because i needed that hardrive space to windows, so i did what i was told to do by this video tutorial on "how to install and uninstall linux" and that did applied to ubuntu as well.

    So i did what the guy said, delete the linux partitions, then apply changes, then resize windows partition and apply changes, reboot and thats it.

    The thing is, now this message appears:

    "Starting Grub 1.5

    Grub error"

    and the system stays on hold

    I dont know what to do now, im using ubuntu live cd so i can try to fix this but dont know how, so, if someone here could help me out...im not a nix* expert

    Cheers to you all!

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    Well to get xp back do this

    Get the xp cd and boot with it.

    Then reach the recovery console.

    Then it'll ask the windows partition to repair. Then type in the admin password.

    After that from the recovery console issue the commands

    That'll rewrite the Master Boot Record and you'll have xp up and running without any Grub Problems. Later if there is any issue at all with unrecoverable partitions you can use Partition Magic to get them back.

    Cheers !!
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    i had da same problem 2 years ago but Testdisk saved da day it can recover missing partition rewrite mbr ..Hiren'sCD contains Testdisk
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