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Thread: how to set up DNS w/ static IP

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    how to set up DNS w/ static IP

    I was never clear on this little issue.

    If i want to set up a static IP on a system on a network shared via little home router, what should i enter as DNS servers for the NIC itself? Should I just refer it to the router (gateway) or enter the actual DNS server of my ISP? It actually works both ways but which is the "correct" way?
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    I always point to the router...(or server...which points to the router.)

    The router gets its DNS from the ISP

    I think if you had several machines all going out to the ISP for info...it would cause a bottleneck...as most DSL\Cable connections are 1-5MB and an internal LAN is usually 100MB.

    Plus you would have better performance and faster a faster response

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    I would use the default gateway IP and not the ISP DNS.....if the ISP for some reason altered their DNS IP Address (unlikey but possible) you would run into problems and have to update all your clients. Where as the router (as MLF said) would receive the new IP via DHCP.

    Usually when using static IP addresses I almost always still push out DNS settings from a DHCP server to the clients to provide a quick way to update the servers/hosts should an urgent DNS change occur for whatever reason.

    Networks have a habbit of grinding to a halt after a while when DNS goes wrong....
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