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Thread: Login issues (moved from old thread)

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    Antionline hacked or just some login problems?

    I tried to login:

    and these text appears:

    "In order to accept POST request originating from this domain, the admin must add this domain to the whitelist."

    to bypass, i logged in by trying to reply to a post and login with the 'reply login page'

    ...hmm.. hacked? spoofed?

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    Does that happen if you login on the forum page instead of the main page? No, the site has not been hacked.

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    I have not experienced any issues... Is this error being generated by your ISP? Is there any more to the error message? Is your company blocking certain domain names?
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    my company has been kindly to make us access all available addresses in the web.. and it seems like the warning message came from antionline...

    i retried to login again and i found out that this problem will only occur when i try to access from www.antionline.org main page.. there will be no problem if access the page through www.antionline.com..

    i think it is somekind of antionline anti-phising page, mayb forgot to add the .org address in the whitelist..

    ps: thanks msmittens for moving this thread

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    Antionline.org isnt the page you should be going to anyway. It's .com

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