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Thread: AMD Fanboys - REJOICE

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    AMD Fanboys - REJOICE

    Now, that's what we have been waiting for. A nice performance increase from AMD. Can't wait for the official tests and reviews. A bit of healthy competition never hurts anyone.

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    Hi alakhiyar,

    I don't know what your experience in this area is, but mine is mostly with relatively low end requirements of corporate and home desktops.

    My experience with high end CAD and graphics stuff is that it is the graphics card not the processor that is important? You follow the software vendor's recommendations in that scenario.

    Me/ I build to price and usage, not for highschool bragging rights, so I think that the cost effective solution is the one to go for............making sure that the system is balanced.

    I built this one about 5 years ago............. it has an Athlon XP at about 1.6Ghz. The processor was significantly cheaper than the 2.26Ghz Intel P4 box I built to overclock beyond 3Ghz, at around the same time.

    To use an analogy, I think that the processor guys are giving us Ferraris to run as taxicabs?

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    To use an analogy, I think that the processor guys are giving us Ferraris to run as taxicabs?
    I agree

    I am still running a 1.3Ghz ... I wouldn't mind having a faster processor [obviously] but this one pretty well does what I need it to, so an upgrade is not really on my priority list right now...
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