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    Heads up on Daylight Savings Time change

    I had not seen any information and was not even aware of the change in DST until I saw this article on SANS http://isc.sans.org/diary.html?storyid=2142

    Those oblivious souls like myself heads up! Can those of you on the ball and prepared share your research into the change?

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    I was actually just discussing this with mgt today. It turns out that we can work with our 2k boxes just fine. There are not too many of those left anyway. However, we're still running exchange 2k and according to Microsoft, they are not releasing an update or workaround for that. I have a couple of pretty beefy spare servers and I had considered using one to migrate to exchange 2k3. Then I got to thinking... exchange 2007 was just released... so I might as well just go right to 2007... until I learned that 2007 requires 64bit. mgt and I are not too happy. That wasn't in the budget but what can you do?

    I didn't even start to dig into the other dozens of third party apps. Luckily for us over the past several years a lot of systems have been moved over to secure web based apps.

    It's still going to be one heck of a headache on top of all the other crap we have going on.
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    There is an upgrade for Win XP on the MS site. It is not listed as critical, so you will have to chose it from the optional upgrades.

    Mostly, it shouldn't matter? all you have to do is manually set your time to what you want. I guess I could fix the login script to do this?

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    This just came through the MS Download Notifications: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/timezone/dst2007.mspx

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