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Thread: Installing checkpoint in a brand new Nokia IP390

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    Installing checkpoint in a brand new Nokia IP390

    Hi all, we've just purchased a Nokia IP390 with Checkpoint License. I've been trying to install without success. The firewall it's flash-based but it has additional disk installed as well. My doubts are:

    - Which version to download??: I decide to install R61 since R62 seems to be too new. But what's the difference between Checkpoint Pro/Express and Checkpoint UTM??

    - Anyway I tried to install both and in all cases when I execute cpconfig at the end of the process I can't configure SmartCenter... And then the question is: Is it possible to install the Enforcement Module + SmartCenter in a Nokia IP390 with optional disk?

    - In case isn't possible to do so, I looked for SmartCenter for Windows or Linux in the usercenter but I can't find it!

    As you see I'm quite off the road here so I'll really appreciate any help (since the technical support from checkpoint isn't good neither).

    Thank you!!

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    The easiest is to get in touch with a reseller.. They can help you with the install.. Also note the type of licence you have. They're usually tied to a certain configuration and/or software options..

    Also note the IPSO version, you may need to upgrade that first.

    It's been a while since I installed Checkpoint on a Nokia..
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    Which IPSO is installed on the Nokia ? I think you might need version 4.0 or 4.1 for R61. In my believe Checkpoint Pro/Express will do for you. Normally you would not install SmartCenter on the Firewall itself.

    You would install Smartcenter on a central platform from on which you manage the firewall. Then with SmartCOnsole you would connect with your PC or laptop to the smartcenter server. I even think its only possible on a windows platform to install Smartcenter and the firewall on the same box.

    Try to insert the checkpoint cd into a linux (Secureplatorm), Solaris or a windows test box and try to install the smartcenter there.
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    Hi, few updates:

    - My reseller service sucks, I'm working to change that but for now is how it is.
    - I think that finally I figured out whats wrong. Indeed it's impossible to install the SmartCenter + Enforcement on a Nokia Flash-Based platform, that's why we purchased the optional disk (btw, a laptop disk that costs 600 EUR). Thanks to the "wonderfull" service I got, I finally installed the disk myself and I followed the only instructions I had about it, which made me configure the disk as "log disk". After few days of investigation I think that here is where I have the problem, because I should install the disk to become an Hybrid-based platform. So all what I need is the procedure to transform a flash-based platform to hybrid-based.... and then install checkpoint!

    Thank you for your help!

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