Hi all, we've just purchased a Nokia IP390 with Checkpoint License. I've been trying to install without success. The firewall it's flash-based but it has additional disk installed as well. My doubts are:

- Which version to download??: I decide to install R61 since R62 seems to be too new. But what's the difference between Checkpoint Pro/Express and Checkpoint UTM??

- Anyway I tried to install both and in all cases when I execute cpconfig at the end of the process I can't configure SmartCenter... And then the question is: Is it possible to install the Enforcement Module + SmartCenter in a Nokia IP390 with optional disk?

- In case isn't possible to do so, I looked for SmartCenter for Windows or Linux in the usercenter but I can't find it!

As you see I'm quite off the road here so I'll really appreciate any help (since the technical support from checkpoint isn't good neither).

Thank you!!