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Thread: Guess What...

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    Guess What...

    I'm new.

    Okay, now that we have that outta the way.. My name is Brad Guzek, and I'm from northern Indiana. I'm currently a junior in high school and take something of a detatched interest in security. Thus, I find your site here to be of interest, even if I don't understand everything.

    If anyone's interested, I do have a small bit of experience in security, though nothing on the professional level. About a month ago, I won first place in the regional competition for networking and computer security at BPA (Business Professionals of America).. which thoroughly astounded me, but I'm proud of it. On that same note, I'm also proud of my good friend Michael, who I've mentored in the ways of computers and such things for a long time now, who came in right behind me with second place in the same contest.

    That's enough about me I'd say.

    - Brad
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    welcome to AO...

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    Welcome to AO.

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    Welcome to AO...hope you enjoy your stay

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