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    another newbie...

    ...on this forum

    Hi to ya all!

    My very good friend referred this forum to me, probably because I am constantly bothering him with all kind of security related question
    I am a hardware guy my self, have good experience with that, but I do have interests in all IT stuff. I also have some programming and networking experience, looking to expand my knowledge.
    Security was one of the things that i never paid too much attention till several months ago, and since then I've learned some stuff, but constantly seeking to learn some more. And I am sure I will be able to, surely there are some security gurus among you

    Thanks for having me as a member !

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    And thanks for being one. Welcome to AO!
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    Welcome to AO atp666. I'm sure your friend didn't mind you asking questions. How else are you supposed to learn? There is a lot of good content on this site. I have learned a lot from the members here.
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    Welcome to AO...hope you enjoy your stay

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