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    Question How to Apply Expiry Date to Exe file...?


    Basically I am web programmer and working in Web Development Company.We do flash works also.Generally we send Flash files to client by converting those files in to exe.Just I need to know..whether there is any process/method so that those exe files will not work after some days..or after some clicks.So that Client should not misuse those files and he will come back to us for further development.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    The theory is simple, when the executable is run the first thing it does is check the system date to see if a predefined time has been reached. This is the sort of stuff that licence checking software does.

    This can be done in two basic ways:

    1. Check for elapsed days since first activation (so you would need to store and increment that)
    2. Check for a predetermined date.

    Counting the number of times a program has been run is also simple, once again you need to store the result and increment it.

    Neither approach is likely to be effective against someone who is determined to cheat you.

    Let's face it, if it were easy to defend intellectual property there wouldn't be all those "warez" and "crackz" sites, would there?

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    <sarcasm>Would you also like us to explain how to put a trojan
    horse into the file, so you can do "marketing research"?</sarcasm>

    Be gone, marketing weasel!
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    Hah! rcgreen rides again.................MuHahahahahahahaha!

    Actually, old chap, this sounds very much like one of those situations where someone in IT is being pressured by the "marketing weasels"?

    Putting something on the disk is an excellent idea.................only it would be slightly illegal in most jurisdictions?................. I suppose format C:\ slightly dates me? ................ hey......I would have already crawled out of the PC..... attacked his 'fridge, and drunk his beer?

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