I am preparing for a cross-country move, so I am trying to purge non-essential items rather than dragging them across the country. Below is a list of books I want to sell. They are all in brand new condition unless otherwise stated. I have had books listed on Half.com for months, and even years, but buyers are few and far between. I thought that posting on a technical / security forum might bring better results.

To keep things simple, I am asking $10 per book, plus shipping. Email me to let me know which book or books you want and I will determine the total amount. Payment is to be made via Paypal. Once payment is received, the book(s) will be shipped. If you want to buy a number of books, email me and we may be able to work out a "volume discount".

I will put this out in phases. This is the first half or so. Here is the list, in no apparent order. ISBN number is in parentheses after title so you can look up more detailed information:

Cisco Network Admission Control Volume II (1587052253)
Self-Defending Networks (1587052539)
Windows Server 2003 Network Administration (0596008007)
PGP & GPG (1593270712)
Ending Spam (1593270526)
Firefox Secrets (0975240242)
The Executive Guide to Information Security (0321304519)
Computer Security Basics-2nd Edition (0596006691)
Retro Gaming Hacks (0596009178)
Palm & Treo Hacks (059610054x)
Blackberry Hacks (0596101155)
Buffer Overflows (1932266674)
Inside The Spam Cartel (1932266860)
Protecting Your PC (1584504862)
Introduction to Network Security (1584504641)
Islands In The Clickstream (1931836221)
Hardening Windows-2nd Edition (1590595394)
A Gift Of Fire-2nd Edition (0130082155)
Symantec Guide to Home Internet Security (0321356411)
Global Outsourcing with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System (1584504455)
Hacking Web Services (1584504803)
Security in Computing-4th Edition (0132390779)
Learning Windows Server 2003 (0596006241)
Best Damn Windows Server 2003 Book Period (1931836124)
Knoppix Hacks (0596007876)
Linux Multimedia Hacks (0596100760)
Linux Desktop Hacks (0596009119)
Linux Server Hacks-Volume 2 (0596100825)
Linux Server Hacks (0596004613)
Smart Home Hacks (0596007221)
Car PC Hacks (0596008716)
Mind Performance Hacks (0596101538)
Mind Hacks (0596007795)
Google Maps Hacks (0596101619)
Access Hacks (0596009240)
Excel Hacks (059600625x)
Firefox Hacks (0596009283)
Wireless Hacks-2nd Edition (0596101449)
Baseball Hacks (0596009429)
VoIP Hacks (0596101333)
Digital Photography Hacks (0596006667)
Skype Hacks (0596101899)
Windows Linux Migration Toolkit (1931836396)
Intrusion Prevention and Active Response (193226647x)
Security Log Management (1597490423)
Microsoft Log Parser Toolkit (1932266526)
Don't Click On The Blue E! (0596009399)
Windows XP Annoyances For Geeks-2nd Edition (0596008767)
Windows XP Annoyances (0596004168)
Linux Bible-2005 Edition (0764579495)
Pentester's Open Source Toolkit (9781597490210)
Zero Day Exploit (1931836094)
PC Pest Control (0596009267)
Surviving PC Disasters, Mishaps and Blunders (1932111980)
Understanding DB2 9 Security (0131345907)
The Ethical Hack (084931609x)
Emerging Threat Analysis (1597490563)
Cisco Network Admission Control-Volume I (1587052415)
Cisco Network Admission Control-Volume I (1587052415) (I have 2 copies)
The Art of Software Testing (0321304861)
The Art of Software Security Assessment (0321444426)
Moving From Windows To Linux-2nd Edition (1584504420)
Test Driving Linux (059600754x)
Security and Usability (0596008279)