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    anyone else have problems like this with home networking?!
    I had to do an IT job at a local Doctors office. They purchased a Linksys wrt54g v.5 <---man what a nightmare. Take it home on my home network works perfect.

    I have a DLINK DI-604 ethernet broadband router I had since end of 2004 still works perfect.

    I have found the biggest problems with the Linksys wrt54g series than any other make and model of routers.

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    Cisco 871 Integrated Services Router - Cisco Systems

    $849.00 USD

    thats like 3 paychecks for me..

    I will not buy another linksys router... I am going to build a smoothwall box and get a wireless accesspoint
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    Well, I've been using a Netgear wgr614v5 and haven't had any problems thus far..maybe a reduce in internet speed but that's expected..although I've only have it for about a month..

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    I've got a Mentor router, and I've got to say that up till now it's been ok. I've had it for a few years now with basically no worries. Up till now I'd have to reset it once in a blue moon, but the last week or so I have to reset a few times a day. What's happening is that it seems to lose the ability to transfer data outside the network (as in all the local ips are fine and the comps can talk to each other).

    For a minute there I thought I'd screwed up my computer (just installed dhcpcd over whatever it was I had before), but no -- power on/power off on the router and I'm resolving hosts fine again.

    Think I'll buy a new one soon.


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    I can't even log into my router... as soon as i type in the IP for the web front end it power cycles

    i wonder if a mix of high traffic and unstable power is killing it.
    it smells like burning silicon

    So my next routing solution will be using a cisco 24port fasthub 400 as my hard lined connection, and 2 of these http://www.linksys.com/servlet/Satel...VisitorWrapper

    as my wireless APs... connect them all to UPS's

    the traffic in my house is alittle high... xbox on live, my comp on WoW and bf2142... limewire on 4 comps, bit torrent clients on 4 comps all downloading at high speeds

    im going to install smoothwall in a VMware enviornment and mess around alittle
    work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger

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    I just set up a WRT54G at work as a wireless access point on our domain.
    A dep't head needed a temporary solution for 3 weeks worth of meetings
    and put me on it. I got it set up fine by assigning it a static ip address,
    disabling DHCP, and plugging it up to the network via a LAN port (vs. the
    WAN port). Worked great, tested fine on three laptops for a couple of
    days. Since then, one problem after another.

    1) The subnet mask changes on me. Our domain uses a subnet
    which is not in the programmable range of the router (it only uses
    and up). After fixing the static ip address and booting it up on the domain,
    it did indeed pull a subnet. That was at the end of last week.
    Today, after logging into the unit and testing it, I couldn't access the web.
    Took a look and it's was now pulling a subnet. Using the
    built-in diags, I couldn't ping Yahoo, but pinging the gateway was fine.
    The test laptop was my own personal unit not joined to the domain (worked
    last week!). Power cycled the router to no avail.

    So later today I pull out a company laptop that came to me for troubleshooting
    and logged into the domain via wireless, it works fine! That laptop pulls an
    ip address from our DHCP server with the correct subnet. Tried my laptop,
    the one that failed earlier, and it works now, too. Chit...

    2) Part of my task was to monitor wireless usage. Wireless has not been
    used here before because of security issues. I set it up with WPA-TPIK and
    did a basic tutorial for our users. Enabled logging only to find out it will only
    monitor the WAN port and shows no traffic whatsoever. Well, because of
    some company politics and being a contractor, I don't exactly have run of
    the domain despite being a domain admin. Looks like I'll be resorting to a
    sign-up sheet to know who's using it. Ugh, I'm glad it only up for 3 weeks...

    3) Took a look at the firmware and found there's a newer version. In fact
    the new version of firmware just came out last Friday, 2/9. But I can't download
    it. The server's v-e-r-y slow getting to the download and then it gives me
    a 0 byte file. Great.

    There's about six different WRT54G's out there. The first four had about 4
    mb's of memory for the Linux-based firmware, but after Linksys got pushed
    to open up the sourcecode on this make so folks could turn these into überrouters,
    they totally reprogrammed the firmware and reduced the memory to 2 mb's.

    Yar!, I wonder what tomorrow may bring...if you ask me, hardware mfg'ers can't turn JUNK out fast enough for consumers who love to shop for cheap chit. Cisco's definitely the way to go...
    “Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.” — Will Rogers

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    brokencrow: If you can get a model to load dd-wrt on, then you can use rflow collector. You can also enable logging and dump the inbound/outboud connections to a syslog server.



    I've only used ddwrt on wrt54g v2 and v2.2.
    I had no problems with either of those versions.

    I have had problems with ver. 4, 5 and 6

    I hate the linksys firmware and ever since I've used the wrt54g, I've used sveasoft (which is now closed) and dd-wrt (a fork of sveasoft).

    I agree with you though... Cisco IS the way to go if you have the spare pocket change.

    The developers of ddwrt recommend buffalo tech hardware over linksys. I have never used it, but I plan to in the future.


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    we have buffalo in the precinct at work running our wireless network... its ok... AOSS is kind of useless...

    the webmenus are really weird as compared to linksys or cisco...

    have fun with them, range could use some help but otherwise we work thoes routers pretty hard... never reset em
    work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger

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