I have a few powerpoint files that I like to have my employees (all using PCs in my LAN) view for sometime.

All the PCs are also connected to internet and have USB. If I put them in a file-share they can as well e-mail them over or copy in other ways.

I want to minimize such risks and am in need of say a Secure Viewer which will let them just view the files but nothing else, just inside my LAN.

I am a startup with just 4 employees and I cannot afford much. Looking for a opensouirce/freeware or a product less than $50.

Any hints?

All are windows xp machines just connected on a LAN (without any Windows server, so they all are peers).

I want them to sit in front of the machine, be able to open the powerpoint slides I prepared, but not be able to copy them to a USB drive, or just e-mail them over to their personal ID etc.

So, I am dreaming of a magical secure-viewer that allows them to see the files inside it but does not allow anything else like copying to USB or internet.