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Thread: AO noob

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    AO noob

    im not techincally a noob.. although some will without a doubt claim i am i can sense it. but ive been coming to AO for about half a year made another account aside from this one, it got banned for what im not sure i never cussed or anything yet i want to make sure i dont make the same stupid mistake again so im going to ask for help if you dont mind that is.

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    Welcome to AO. If you want to know why the other account was banned, I can help you find out. If not, then don't worry about it.

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    Technically your a Junior Member.
    From what I have seen most people get banned for asking how to do something illegal or unethical.
    Mad Beaver

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    Hey beaver I just saw your tag, you're from Bath Maine? Small world, I live in Jefferson (in between Rockland and Augusta), going to Thomas College in Waterville at the moment.

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    Probably nothing to do with me..............the most likely reason for getting banned these days is spamming products like Viagra.......... it seems that there are a lot of evil people out there, who are hell bent on getting me to break my neck walking up and down the stairs? I ban them

    Another possibility is a multiple account............only create one, and if you use a common ISP with others who might be members (school/college using a proxy) it would be useful to say that in your profile...............otherwise a case of mistaken identity might happen. OK, I am very careful about that one, and would only use it alongside other evidence of unsuitability (racism, pr0n, illegal acts and so on)

    Welcome to AO

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