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    Internet connection existance with more than one proxy

    At work,we have got ISA 2004 (FQDN: proxy.rami.ae,,,,,fake name ) which has two interfaces,

    NICA connected to core switch 4500

    NICB for DMZ area ,,

    From DMZ through PIX to outside world.

    I believe that all internal PCs (workstations) go to internet through ISA, the reason (Is it right conclusion ? ) I am saying that because we have to configure proxy within Internet Explorer -- > Internet Option Connection LAN setting

    proxy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,port 8080

    Some times when there is lack in the internet connection , I changed the LAN Setting to :

    proxy1.telecomm.net.jp (fake one),,,,,,,,,port 8080

    And some times If I chose the option :,,,,,,,,,,,,is this some thing related to a browser cache ?

    Automatically detect settings ,,,,it worked as well

    How can we troubleshoot (step-by-step) that ? (i.e how can we force in PCs use the right proxy ?)

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    Is the ISA client installed on the workstations??

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    A couple options off hand... At the pix you can block all http bound traffic that does not originate from the ISA server or ...
    Use group policy to hard code the proxy settings in IE.

    The pix is a better option and not as easily circumvented. Make sure you understand the repercussions of changes you make to the pix configuration.

    I've never worked with ISA but it should be capable of blocking outgoing http traffic also, maybe setting configuring ISA to block http requests is a better option?

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