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    Pirates of the Multiplex

    Under U.S. pressure, Swedish authorities are going after the popular Pirate Bay Web site for illegal distribution of video files. But if Hollywood wants to stop online pirates—who cost the industry some $7 billion in 2005—it needs to join them, not beat them.

    As the saying goes keep your friends close, but keep your enemy's even closer.

    Anyhoooow it's a pretty lengthy read "6 pages infact ) but it is worth the read in the end.

    Pirates of the Multiplex

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    doesn't pirate bay host torrents only ... NOT the actual media??

    no seriously i'm asking
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    As I understand things, their "defence" is that they merely provide a "reference" to material, rather than actually host it. In all probability this is not technically illegal under current Swedish legislation.

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    I've yet to see anyone prove to me that illegal downloads have hurt the industry in any way. The articles that do try and push this point talk as if no-one breached copyright BEFORE illegal downloads.

    *thinks back to his first computer game, copied from a parents friend at work that only took up 1/4 of a floppy disk but needed the manual photocopying to beat the copy protect*
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