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    Yahoo blocked my account -- how do I unblock it?

    yahoo customer service block my account can you help me out by open it for me or help me rectiviate back to me?

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    Well, for starters - welcome to AntiOnline.
    Now, as for your dilemma - I think you are a little confused as to what this site is about. We're not in the business of opening /closing Yahoo accounts or any other accounts for that matter. This is a discussion forum for security related matters (and some topics outside of security).
    You will probably need to contact Yahoo customer service and work it out with them. If need be, can't you just create a new Yahoo account?
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    If THEY blocked your account you did something you shouldn't have then and probably don't deserve it back anyways. If somebody hacked it, Security Question? Forgot password? Secondary email?
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    Wish I could get them to block mine. What an awful email service it is

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    Ive had a yahho account for ages, dont really use it. Now and then I do. Maybe they blocked it for inactivity.

    You will have to contact yahoo customer care. Its a free account so dont know how much support there is
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    Hmmm, what exactly do you mean by "blocked". Are you saying that your account has been closed, or is it not sending or receiving certain items, or that you just cannot access it?

    If your account has been closed it will be for one of two reasons:

    1. Abuse of the TOS agreement. Things like spamming, phishing and internet scams.

    2. Inactivity. This will be done by a robotic system.

    If it is #1 you have no chance.

    If it is #2 then customer service might help you, but I will warn you that they don't have a very good reputation

    If certain items are being blocked it will be because of:

    1. Their size
    2. Their content (spam filter, antivirus etc)

    If you just cannot access it, it probably means that someone has hijacked your account and changed the password. They might also have used your account for illegal activities and got it banned?

    In this respect you need to be careful using any publicly accessible systems, and make sure that your computer is physically secure.

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    They dont "block" it they just deactivate it so new emails cannot come in and you lose the emails you had saved. You can reactivate it... they provide you with a link when you log in again (and then they try to sell you account protection so your account does not expire in the future).

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