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    UK Finance House fined

    A UK Finance house has just been fined around $2,000,000 over a laptop that was stolen from one of their employee's home.

    Sound familiar anyone?


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    Exclamation Very Familiar!

    It doesn't matter how many times I warn our laptop users to take reasonable security measures, e.g. put the laptop in the boot of the car not on the back seat, they just don't do it. When the investigation ensues after theft we usually find out that the laptop user thought it, "Wouldn't happen to them." or it was, "Inconvenient to take the recommended security precaution."

    The laptop user is the "Weakest link!"

    I'm pushing for users to have to undertake and pass a laptop security test before they can be issued with a laptop, and for this test to be retaken and passed on a regular basis for continued laptop use.
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