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    crc in compressed files

    Hi there

    Recently, I've been having a LOT of problems with my recently-built system. It's an AMD sempron 1.4 Ghz., 512 Mb ram with 64 Mb shared for graphics. The OS is WIN XP SP2.
    I can't install anything with .cab or .rar or .zip or .uha... whatever without getting CRC Errors.

    The same things get installed at other PCs and worked well. I transfer data using my 1 Gb kingston pen drive. I've tried making images of the cds too but crc problem still persists. But doesn't occured in other computers.

    I can't understand the problem that my PC has concerning all compressed files???

    Also the compressed files that used to work earlier are not working now. They're also not been able to get fixed with WINRAR in case of .rar files(WINRAR rebuilds them usually).
    I tried to make new compressed files and tested them, they too gave similar problems.

    I've installed WINRAR latest version and also UHARC GUI beta. And re-installed them. Formatting my 40 Gb HDD, reinstalling XP just to get rid of this problem, but it didn't worked.

    Anyway, the disks are also fine (they've been recently formatted in NTFS and error-checked).
    Is there any virus?? I've got Avast 4.7 Home edition fully updated and registered

    Banging my head on the wall now.


    Cheers everyone... I hope someone can help me.

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    You might try going into <control panel> <system> and the advanced section of the IDE controllers. Make sure that DMA mode is turned off............ see if they work in PIO mode?

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    Also, run some memory tests. If data is getting corrupted in memory the checksum on the zip/archive will fail and you'll get that error. Although, I expect you'd have more problems thatn just with zip/archives. You should also see some page fault errors and etc via the favorite blue screen.


    A bad cdrom and bad hard disk are also common problems. However, it seems to me that you have this problem after the file has already been copied over to your disk. Or, it is being extracted to temp folders/files on your disk.

    My first two guesses: Bad memory or bad hard disk.

    Do you have a copy of PC Doctor laying around? Or anything like that?
    There are a bunch of live cds that have these utilites. I won't post the names as they are not exactly "legal"... but they are damn useful and I wouldn't be without them!
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