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Thread: PIX 501 Upgrades

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    PIX 501 Upgrades

    Hey guys,
    Not too long ago I posted a thread asking about the 501. Well, we did indeed purchase the 501 and it's working like a champ. Now, I've been looking all over the damn place to see about the RAM/Flash memory upgrades. Not because we need them, rather I just want to have the information handy should we need to upgrade the unit in the future.
    Here's the thing - It doesn't appear as though the 501 has any upgrades for the RAM/Flash memory. I don't need any other upgrades - The IOS is 6.3, so that's fine and we have the unlimited user bundle.
    But, no matter where I looked, it didn't seem like any of the stores offer a 501 RAM/Flash upgrade. Anyone have any clues on this one?
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    I don't think you can upgrade the memory on a 501. It looks like the lowest end model with a memory upgrade is the 515?

    Just looked at a 501 we have laying around here and it has no expansion slots D: Sorry!

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    As Steve indicated, there are no upgrades for the Pix 501 or the Pix 506 or 506e. I wouldnt recommend a 501 for more than 50 users even if you have an unlimited license.

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