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    Question HD Encryption?

    Okay, so I've been into this computer security thing for a while now. I've seen firsthand how easy it is to grab a passwd or sam file from a linux osx or Windows box. I've experienced the dreadful fright that occurs after loosing usb drives with sensitive data on them. It's a shame,I know, but I'm just now figuring that I should go ahead and start encrypting my data. I'm going to start fresh (Fedora DVD iso downloading right now) tomorrow and I'm just wondering what you guys use to encrypt your hard drives and usb drives. Commercial or free it doesn't matter at the moment I just want to get some advice people who their stuff. ...you guys :-)
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    I use Truecrypt for the most sensitive things. Such things would be docs that have personal info, financial stuff, tax stuff, sensitive work info, etc.

    I don't bother putting music or video or anything like that on the encrypted drive. So, all in all... I have maybe 100mb or so of stuff I'd like to keep private.
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    "Tax stuff"

    What!................ you need more than encryption there Phish~, you need a full blown DRM for such original works of fiction

    Or am I judging you by my own standards?

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    Just Another Geek
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    Just like phish I only encrypt the sensitive info. I'm using geli on FreeBSD.
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    I only encrypt sensitive or special documents. I'm usually lazy about doing it though.

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    I generally don't encrypt much and rely on keeping people out in the first place.
    On the other hand, I don't have a lot to encrypt. If you want to read my spreadsheet about my estimates of costs for moving house go right ahead.

    The odd times I DO encrypt things its usually PGP.
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    I'm using TrueCrypt now as well. I like it. and even if someone was able to grab my sam file or passwd and shadow files the passphrases are like 30+ characters long and all of my saved data is encrypted.
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    Truecrypt rocks. I use that for whole partition encryption and use PGP for file encryption.

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    I don't have any sensitive data stored electronically apart from passwords which are encrypted by KDE-Wallet and what-ever-the-hell-firefox-uses-to-keep-passwords, neither of which are very good I believe.
    I am really quite lazy when it comes to security I guess.
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    I don't mean to rain on the parade, but a word of caution:

    Backups become incredibly important when using an encrypted drive/container. I understand the need (especially in laptops and thumb drives), but if the drive is encrypted and becomes damaged there is a *0* chance of recovery in most cases.

    If you have just a bit of critical data, I would recommend an "encrypted folder/container" rather than encrypting the drive itself, as these containers are generally portable and rely only on a pwd to gain access.

    If one must encrypt a drive/partition due to a large amount of critical data, it is advisable to determine a location where the data can be sync'd in an unencrypted fashion; ie: laptop sync's to desktop when at home, or etc.


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