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    Encryption isn't a "Who really does it"... it's more of a "Who's dumb enough to not have some sort of encryption" ...

    Truecrypt is definitely great... I'm also a big fan of GPG and PGP....

    To what degree are things encrypted... That depends..

    I have encrypted drives in some machines... in others I have "containers" or as Bruce pointed out encrypted folders...

    As for the encryption complexity... I have some files that are encrypted twice with two encryption algorithms and two unique passwords... both betwen 40-50 characters.... I have others that are zip files with passwords... not necessarily encryption.. but it does the trick sometimes....

    It's really a choice in security... some level is a must.. but the level you pick is unique to your data.
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    The first question is actually "who needs it?"

    It is really quite simple

    1. Risk assessment.
    2. Security model development.
    3. Implementation of security model.

    So, for a lot of home and corporate desktops, encryption is irrelevant. There is nothing worthwhile to protect.

    Obviously, there are situations where you might want to encrypt static data, but mostly the concern is with data transmission, which might be intercepted?

    There is obviously a difference between a portable device (other than those used as executive jewellery), a desktop and a server.

    The first rule of computer security is that "if it is that sensitive, don't store it on a computer"

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    Is there a drive encryption product (free, preferrably) that would allow me to encrypt a usb drive but not require that any software be installed on whatever other computers I want to use it on for decrypting the thing? All self contained so to speak?
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    Hi, here is an English one that is free:


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    I work for a small security firm called IndiaEsecure.com. One thing which we normally do as a part of our services is encrypting data on company’s laptop. This at some point of time becomes crucial as laptops tend to get lost or stolen easily, so we make sure that all of our client laptops are encrypted so that in case of any misplacing or theft the company has some time before the data falls into unwanted eyes.

    Regarding the encryption we have made some of our own (Windows) and many a times we use TRUECRYPT

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    I used to use cypherix which is a nice program, althought if you want to get to the heavy duty capabilities you have to pay for it..
    now i use GPG, CAST5 for local encryption, and DSA public key for communication although i dont use it always .
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    I am putting my Truecrypt-ed usb key to the test as I have lost it somewhere.

    It just sucks that I don't have it anymore it feels like part of me is missing.

    My encrypted part that is.
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