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    "Modern" Lites? Or anything with FreeBSD running in Mach?


    I've been arguing with a friend that you can turn a Linux box's user interface into one that is indistinguishable from a Mac OS X user interface (screen shot wise); my friend's telling me "Very good, but it doesn't have the same stuff under the hood!" So, just to spite him, I'm looking for a modern update of the BSD-lites; the latest version that I can find came out in 1996 (over a decade ago!)...is there anything more modern (like, within the past year or so) that's *not* Darwin?

    Thanks for your time!
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    You can make KDE look very close to OS X.

    There are a couple of tutorials for this. Both involve using Baghira.
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    Well, I would argue that BSD isn't Linux............. it is a flavour of UNIX.

    OSX is based on BSD, so is also a UNIX distro?

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    I agree with nihil.. Linux isn't BSD or the other way around..

    A lot of stuff of OS-X is actually based on FreeBSD-5. The latest stable release is currently 6.2 (released on 15 January). Why do you need a BSD-lite?

    On a side note.. FreeBSD is pretty modern, not sure what you meant by that.

    I'm typing this on one of my FreeBSD boxes, it runs 6.2-stable, Xorg 7.2r3 (closed source nvidia-driver), Gnome 2.16 and beryl 1.9999.2.

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    Since everyone else here, has already set some facts straight, I'd say download Enlightenment E-17, grab an OS X theme, and rip off one of the buttons on your mouse and say you paid 3X more for the machine. No one would know the difference once you got some Mac apps working on it. (Before the weenies start flaming, I think the Macbook Pro is one of the nicest laptops out right now).

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