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Thread: routing issues

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    routing issues

    so i have a dedicated firewall up connected to my internet. on the inside i have subnet with the firewall as a dchp server and then my home router using the firewall as a gateway. the home network subnet is so just in case your still not following

    internet --> dedicated firewall (.0.1) --> (.0.200) home router (.1.2) --> home computers (.1.x)

    i can get internet, and i had some people test it and port forwarding works so that people can access the server on my home network, but when im logged into the server, i cant ping anything inside my homenetwork. also, when i try to access my server as if from an outside host (using my external ip) i get timeouts. whats up? i have no idea on this one

    what ive tried:
    taking down my router firewall
    route add -net netmask dev eth0
    route add -net gw netmask dev eth0
    and thats about it... so any help would be greatly appreciated
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    let me know if this makes any sense, but i put a crossover cable instead of a patch cable in between the firewall and my home router and it seems to work now... i dont know why but maybe someone can explain it to me
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    It looks like the subnet is the netmask actually:

    What I'm guessing is happening here is you've got a firewall (the Smoothwall?) up in the "front", then the router behind that. If the DHCP server is enabled on both the firewall and the router, you have in effect a LAN ( within a LAN ( Is your router is pulling an IP address from the firewall, then in turn assigning IP addresses to your home network? You've got a couple of layers of networks in there. Some of your complications are probably coming from that.

    Try giving your router a static IP address from the same range as the firewall (say, then disabling DHCP on your router and plugging it up to the firewall via a LAN port instead of the WAN port (or maybe stick with the crossover on the WAN port). That will in effect turn your router into a switch, I believe (that, or go buy a switch). If the Smoothwall's DHCP server is enabled, then the home PC's should start pulling a address. I'm not sure what effect the crossover cable has, except to have turned the WAN port into a LAN port.

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    The crossover cable makes sense if you are old enough to remember RS232 communication, you are connecting 2 DTEs together.

    A computer is a DCE (digital computing equipment)
    A modem, printer, hub is DTE (digital terminal equipment)

    In a straight thru cable you connect a DCE to a DTE, the DTE is wired that the transmit leads attach to its receive ports.

    Any time that you connect a DCE to DCE or a DTE to DTE the cable had to switch xmit and rcv. (crossover cable)

    The $5 netgear hub I bought has a "smart" port system that does the switching internally, never need crossover cables.

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