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    Talking Funny Website

    I was looking around Google and found this website called peteranswers.com this website is suppose to answer any question you give it and it does if you know how to use it correctly. It is such a funny website to mess with your friends. If you follow the instructions it gives you it will keep giving you an excuse why it can't answer your question. But..if you know the secret. muhaha the fun starts. So your probably asking why you have to type "Peter, Please answer:" Every time. Well thats the secret. just because im really lazy and i don't feel like typing, here is a video on how to get your friends to believe "peter" knows what there name is or what school they go to, etc.

    I did this to my Sister and she wanted to know what she wanted to see if "peter" could tell her what she was eating and sure enough, "Quiznos" popped up and she started to freak out saying there was a demon in the room. I almost craped my pants.

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    Also available in Spanish and Catalan It sure beats the old "magic 8 ball"...... nice find there mate!

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    there is another one at 20q.net thats fairly good as well.
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