Hi all,

I'm feeling very indecisive today and need help.......

I've got 2 sites, HQ and Warehouse, several miles apart and with a 2mb leased Line between them. HQ has 50+ users. Warehouse is a new site and will have 20 users.

I've got the server and I'm building it on a test network before I deploy it. All quite normal stuff really but there are a few options and to be honest I'm stuggling to work out which way to go.

Here is some more info to help answer any obvious questions....

HQ has an existing win2k3 domain and 2003 exchange server. These were badly setup by the supplier before I joined (those nutters gave it a .co.uk domain name which causes havoc with replication and DNS). Anyway, I now have a couple of spare Servers and the time to rebuild everything. The idea will be to create a totally new domain (properly named this time). Sounds drastic but trust me it's going to be easier this way.

Warehouse is a new site and will have up to 20 users. I've got a new server with win2k3 and exchange 2k3 ready to be installed. Trouble is I've been asked to get this one ready before I finish the HQ rebuild. This raises lots of questions a long the lines of....

1. do I make this a totally independent site with it's own domain.
1.a If I do that how do I get mail from the existing exchange server at HQ over to users on the new domain.

2. should I make it part of the existing domain and just move it later after the HQ rebuild.

3. Do I want Warehouse to become a child domain of the HQ Tree.

4. How will exchange work best if they are both servers on the same domain.

As you can imagine the list goes on and on. The bottom line is I have to mnay options and was wondering everyone else recommends in this situation?

Troublegum - Barrel of worms anyone?