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    Ebay Employee Accounts Hijacked

    Im sure most members of this forum have heard of 'ebay accounts getting hijacked' and 'phishing'.

    Now it appears ebay's own employee's ebay accounts have some how become comprised by a 'hacker' going by the name of Vladuz.

    Vladuz is reported to have bragged on ebay forums that he has full access to ebay's servers.

    My own opinion on this is that Vladuz has managed to 'phish' or trick an employee in to visiting a web site contaning viral code or cracking employee's account password.

    News urls:



    Scroll down to the 10th post at this url:

    "Some listings that you try to view come up and ask you to sign in.
    A lost of people would think it was because you have been timed out. In fact, it is a clever phishing excercise."

    "How is it done?"

    Ahhh.. the wonders of ebay allowing javascript in user created forums. I have always wondered if this was possible on ebay or if user input was being filtered.
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    ...always thought the worst hacks/cracks were inside jobs. Employees
    got a helluva "attack surface".
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