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    Im pretty new to databases ( ie I have used both Oracle and MYSQL for about 3 months )

    My questions is what is the difference in features between Oracle 's latest DB software 10g and MYSQL's latest software 5.0 or 5.1 .

    Im just trying to understand why Oracle 10g is still very popular even thus MYSQL is opensource so cheaper. or what is lacking in MYSQL that Oracle has

    and also whether their are better opensource alternatives to oracle 10g than MYSQL .

    If anyone can answer these questions or knows where I can download/find the relevant info then please reply

    Thanks in Advance

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    From where I sit, doing support in an enterprise environment, once a
    company's committed to a particular environment, whether Oracle, or
    SQL, or MySQL, it becomes more difficult to migrate to another system.
    So, while MySQL may appear to be less expensive, implementing it is
    a different story. Costing IT is not so a simple process.
    “Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.” — Will Rogers

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    First let me admit I have not done any serious development with either since the early days of this milennium..................although I did a hell of a lot just prior to that (Y2K compliance stuff)

    You can use simple RDBMS like MS Access or Paradox (Borland?). Then you can move up a league into MYSQL which is much more powerful, robust and flexible.

    Oracle is a stand alone system that is attractive because of the proprietary reporting and management tools that come with it or are at least available off the shelf. These can be the simple enquiry and report generators that you would give to the users, through to full blown applications development tools.

    If I were to go for MYSQL these days I would certainly look at Business Objects as a stablemate. On a lower level BO also have Crystal Reports.

    Just a few thoughts

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